Let Albaloo help your business reach its potential

The small business owner has always been the back bone of the world economy and as such Albaloo has always been honored to be an organization that helps this sector of our economy grow and fulfill the dreams of thousands of business owners through our web presence.

If you were not already aware, here are some of the ways Albaloo help you grow and expand your business channels to reach an even wider audience:

3 ways to sell: online / in store / by contact. 
We give you multiple channels depending on how large your operation is all around the country.

Push notification.
You are immediately notified of customer contact or queries so that you can provide top notch service to your base

Official and certified badges to our distinguish sellers.
We vouch for you – based on your sales and review, Albaloo will vouch for your quality and credibility.

Overall estimated reach weekly / monthly report will be provided.
We provide you analytics so that you can find trends and ensure you are a step ahead of your game at all times.

Albaloo Branded content ads feature is a value-added for your businesses.
We believe in you so much that we will put our name on it to help you bring in the business you need.

A digital chat system that allows you to receive your customer feedback live.
Chat directly with your customers in real-time and provide an even higher level of service.

Albaloo brings the audience to you via
We want your business to grow and we will do everything we can to help you get there so we invest our resources in Digital Marketing to give your brand the boost and online visibility it deserves to make it happen. Heres how:

  • Digital Marketing: Adwords / Social Media / Email Marketing.You don’t need to be an digital marketing pro, we will provide you the tools to make sure your brand gets the same attention from our online audience.
  • Traditional Marketing: Event / Roadshow / Exhibition / CampaignsAlbaloo holds multiple events year round where you have the opportunity to show of your products and services to a large audience in person.
  • Advisory Services:Our Digital Marketing Team will provide advice to you on how to improve your reach to your target audience. 

Albaloo wants your business to grow and we will do all we can to work with you to help you reach the audience you want to ensure your goals are fulfilled. After all, if your business is doing well, it’s a win for everyone!

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