10 Steps of Hand Washing as advised by WHO?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that hand washing should be done in 12 steps. The first step entails an individual wetting their hands with water. Next, they should cover the entire surface of their hands with sufficient soap before going to the third step, which requires one to rub their hands from one palm to the other. The fourth step involves moving the right palm over the left dorsum, while at the same ensuring that the fingers are interlaced. This step should then be done the other way around. The fifth step is similar to the fourth one as it involves moving one’s hand from palm to palm while ensuring that the fingers are interlaced. Sixth, the person washing their hands should put the backs of their fingers to their opposing palms with interlocked fingers.

The seventh step requires one to rub their left thumb rotationally while clasping it in their right palm. This should be done vice versa. Afterward, the individual should rub their left palm rotationally in a backward and forward manner using the right hand’s clasped fingers. This step should also be done vice versa. The ninth step involves rinsing the hands using water before going to the tenth step, tenth step is to dry the hands carefully using a single-use clean towel.

All these steps should last between 40 and 60 seconds. However, the WHO recommends that one should undertake these steps when their hands are soiled visibly. If they are not, a hand rub will suffice.

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